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Bristlecone Financial

Bristlecone Financial is committed to helping clients overcome today's economic challenges in order to achieve life goals. As Financial Advisors, we aid clients in preparing for the unexpected, as well as pursuing long-term targets such as retirement, college savings, care for dependents, or that bucket-list vacation. Our clients turn to us for assistance in developing comprehensive financial plans and to learn more about investment. We are here to help for the long run, as well as to address your most pressing financial questions.

Our first priority is your success. By learning about your personal situation and identifying your dreams and goals, we customize investment and planning solutions to meet your needs. Long-term relationships that encourage open and honest communication are pivotal to our achievements and the progress of our clients.

Randy and Joshua are dedicated Eastern Sierra residents committed to the well-being of clients and community. Both came to financial advising after recognizing a widespread need for this essential service. 

Twenty years ago, Randy Van Tassell worked in the Eastern Sierra as a tax advisor. Randy recalls meeting with people who had enough income to save and invest, but had not yet begun. He talked with them about the importance of financial planning in order to send kids to college or retire on schedule. Repeatedly, clients struggled to adhere to informal plans without assistance. That's what prompted Randy to get his license and, as a Financial Advisor, handle investments and savings so that clients' financial goals became reality.

Before 2008, Joshua Ingram was earning a comfortable income, but had not generated savings because he lacked a structure to help him do so. During the economic crash, he lost his job and had no choice but to rebuild his life from the bottom up. After years of hard work, Joshua became a Financial Advisor to help others avoid learning the same difficult lesson.

Clients of Bristlecone Financial are able to pursue financial goals with the support of a diligent local team. Our website is filled with educational videos, articles, presentations, and calculators designed to help you learn more about the world of personal finance. Don't hesitate to send us a note with questions, or call Bristlecone Financial at (760) 227-7700. We'll respond quickly with a thoughtful answer.


*Investment and financial planning services are offered by Randy Van Tassell and Joshua Ingram through their affiliation with HD Vest.

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